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Cheap Laptop Insurance

Have a look around online and see if you can get cover for less than £39.90 per year. You may spend some time looking as our cheap cover is one of the cheapest policies online!

Although it is cheap at only only 10p a day you will find that it has one of the best coverages around. The cover protects your computer for a number of risks,

Cheap Policy that covers a multitude of Risks

Although our cheap cover is one of the cheapest laptop insurance polices online, this does not detract from the range of risks that you would be protected against. Even though the cover is only 10p per day you have the following cover as standard with both standard and executive polices:

  1. Theft - Ideal as the number of laptop thefts is on the rise
  2. Accidental Damage - If you happened to accidentally damage then with this, cheap insurance cover you have the peace of mind knowing your computer is protected.
  3. Liquid Damage - Liquid Damage is a common form of breakage and may not be included in many insurance policies - it is with ours!


Worldwide Cover & International

Lot's of people like to take their computers away with them on holiday, or on business trips overseas. Our computer insurance is ideal for those that need to take their computers away and who need comprehensive cover in place for their computers. With our cheap cover you have an incredible 60 days of worldwide protection, so if you need to take your computer away for less than £4 per month, you have laptop computer insurance protection in place for any unforseen eventualities.

So if you would like a cheap policy from £3.99 per month, you have certainly come to the right place!


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Laptop Cost

Up to £600
Up to £1200

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Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card

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Would you like Cheap Cover?

Only 11p a Day!

Do you want prorection for theft?

Theft cover is standard!

Going to University?

Cover includes accidental damage!

Free Cover?

Our cover has a free option on every policy!



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