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Student Laptop insurance

Student laptop insurance is essential for those of you that are planning on taking your expensive laptops away with you to university. Our student cover starts at only 10p per day and we feel this cheap, yet high risk coverage policy is just perfect for students wanting to go University..

Lets face it, the risk increases whilst you are away from home, studying for a degree. Our cover offers protection for accidental damage and liquid damage, which would be 2 common risks in halls of residence, or indeed, in any student accomodation.

Theft Coverage

The risk of theft being stolen is high wherever you go, but unfortunately the risk of having it stolen whilst you are studying is high. The loss of important data and assignments would be devastating, so it would always be worthwhile for you to back up any important data you may have stored on your hard drive.

As well as backing up your data, our computer insurance cover offers theft coverage as standard, so if you happen to become the unfortunate victim of theft, then following the claims procedure you will be able to have your computer replaced within 48 hours.

Taking your Laptop, Mobile Phone and Camera away to University?

Of course, gadget insurance is not just limited to covering your laptops and gadgets whilst you are away at University. Even if you take them and/or other gadgets away with you, you are entitled to Worldwide gadget insurance coverage as standard with every policy bought though this website.

If you would like to take out the specialist, gadet cover, then go here and you can apply for the student cover accordingly.

Laptop Insurance Students is essential and even of your laptop is more than £1200 we can still offer you cover accordingly.

Simply contact a member of our support team and we will get back to you the same day with a price for your laptop computer insurance

As the cover has a dedicated claims line if you are in need of a claim then your claim will be dealt with swiftly. If the claim is accurate and you give the correct information you will have the claim dealt with in under 48 hours.


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Laptop Cost

Up to £600
Up to £1200

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Pay Annually by Credit/Debit Card

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Would you like Cheap Cover?

Only 10p a Day!

Do you want prorection for theft?

Theft cover is standard!

Going to University?

Cover includes accidental damage!

Free Cover?

Our cover has a free option on every policy!



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